My Low Carb Tale

Here Is a Little Story of How I Overcame The Keto Flu!

I started the ketogenic diet about 3 months ago in strong part to my doctor and the keto subreddit. I was on there for several weeks reading and lurking before I finally decided to do something about my weight. I’ve always been taught to eat healthy and healthy meant low fat and more whole grains. I had no idea that I was being unintentionally misinformed just as┬áthe general public has been and still is. From all the ready and watching sugar: the bitter truth video on youtube, I’ve gained some much more knowledge on proper nutrition.

keto diet foods

So long story short, I started to minimize my carbs last quarter by cutting out all bread products. That includes pizza, pasta, and obviously pastries. I started drinking diet coke instead of regular because I couldn’t just stop drinking soda cold turkey. The first 2 weeks were so difficult. I felt like crap and basically experienced all the keto flu symptoms described on the forums. Luckily, someone mentioned that they take KetoShred to get rid of their symptoms so I looked into it. It wasn’t anything special but it was a very convenient supplement that combined a bunch of important things people seemed to recommend supplementing with. It definitely helped and I’ve kept reordering it to amplify my weight loss. Seems to be working well actually.